February 2017

Containers, Docker, and Kubernetes Part 2

What is Kubernetes and how does it make containerized infrastructure easy?
By Jason Roelofs

You want to take the next step and move to containers, but still have some questions that Docker doesn’t answer? Take a look at Kubernetes, the container orchestration tool from Google!

Finding Productivity by Abandoning the Traditional To-Do List

Freeing myself from the shackles of the traditional to-do list.
By Brian Ryckbost

There are a number of tools and methods out there that help to manage your day. Here’s a look at what works best for me, and it doesn’t include the traditional to do list.

How to Write a More Effective Conference Proposal

Noticeable trends and tips from reviewing over 450 conference proposals
By Allison McMillan

Looking to submit a conference proposal? These five tips will help you craft better proposals that will impress the reviewers in the future.

Productivity Tips and Tools

How to stay organized while juggling lots of tasks
By Allison McMillan

Balancing a variety of professional and personal work tasks can be tough. To make sure nothing falls through the cracks, use these tips and tools to help keep yourself organized.

Unsolicited Critique

The internet is a large and largely terrible place. Let's fix it.
By Patrick O'Dell

One of the Collective Idea designers takes to the internet to assess and rework whatever he finds on the other side.

Guard is Your Friend

Get instant test feedback using Guard::RSpec and other Guard plugins.
By Joshua Kovach

Test-driven development can be a little slow going, jumping between your code and your console, and targeting tests by line is prone to error. Use these tools and techniques to streamline your TDD.

Remote-friendly Retrospectives with Trello

Use Atlassian's collaborative project-planning app to bring your remote workers into the fold
By Dana Jones

Conduct collaborative, interactive meetings with people all over the globe. Trello is good for more than just software development and project planning.

Welcome Patrick O'Dell

By Daniel Morrison

We’re happy to add another designer to the Collective Idea team!

How We Develop Mobile Applications - Pt 3 - Android

Using test-driven development to build our models and API client
By Victoria Gonda and Joshua Kovach

Learn how to use Test-Driven Development to interact with a remote JSON API using Retrofit, Moshi, and RxJava

Welcome Kyle Magnuson

By Daniel Morrison

It’s true… we hired another Hope College graduate.